Sharing the love with Refugees Sharing the love with Refugees

Sharing the love with Refugees

Turn such an important day for you into shelter, protection and hope for those who have lost everything: refugees and displaced people who have had to flee their homes because of war, persecution or intolerance. You will be improving and giving dignity to their lives and your guests will not be indifferent.

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LGBTIQ+ Refugees

In some countries it is illegal to be part of the LGTBIQ+ community. These people suffer persecution and violence and many are forced to flee just because of who they are.

Climate Change

More and more affected refugees and displaced persons are having to leave everything behind for a second time due to droughts, floods and other consequences of climate change.


More than half of the refugees and displaced persons are children and youth. Education is the key to securing their future and giving them hope for the present.

How to help refugees with your wedding?

The guests' gift to the newlywed couple

Do you want to involve your guests and donate their gifts? There are different ways to do it. Choose one for your wedding or combine several of these options.

1. Direct donation by the guest

Turn your wedding website into a donation channel by including the bank account number of the Spanish UNHCR Committee and an identifying concept.

  • Bank account: CAIXABANK ES42 2100 2262 1602 0028 6870
  • Identifying concept: COUPLE NAMES + WEDDING

2. Crowdfunding – solidarity challenge

We put at your disposal the UNHCR crowdfunding platform so that you can have your own personalized challenge. You choose the cause and the target amount to reach. Your guests will enter this page to leave their contribution that will be added to a common counter. At the end, you will be able to know the total amount raised between all of you.

How is a solidarity challenge for UNHCR

Charity wedding favours

Your guests do not need a gift that ends up forgotten in a display case or in a drawer. Surprise them at the time of the banquet with our UNHCR cards and bracelets that we will customize to your liking.

tarjetas bodas


The UNHCR Mandate

Since 1950, it has the mandate to lead and coordinate international action for the protection of refugees worldwide.


92.5% of our donors' contributions goes to UNHCR programs across the world. The remaining 7.5% is reinvested in raising awareness, administration and fundraising costs. Our accounts are audited, and we publish the reports.

Personalized service team

Our team will always be at your disposal to ensure that everything goes perfectly on your big day:

How to thank your guests

You can thank your guests for joining your effort in helping the refugees cause with a short, personalized, “thank you” video.

Here an example:

Gracias por tu ayuda - YouTube

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